Jason Travis is a photographer, videographer, designer, and musician based in Los Angeles, CA by way of Atlanta, GA.


His work has been featured by CNN, USA Today, Gizmodo, Buzzfeed, FlickrBlog/Yahoo Screen, VSCO, BOOOOOOOMKotaku, A+, Marie Claire, Scoutmob, Creative Loafing, Sprite POUR, The Photographic Journal, The Design Kidsand more.

His client work includes MailChimp, Adult Swim, DSW, Vidal Sassoon, CNN, HLN, Refinery29, Alternative Apparel, HGTV, Beer Advocate, Atlanta Magazine, and more.

Atlanta Celebrates Photography included Jason is its 2011 "Ones 2 Watch" list of emerging photographers, and Photo District News named him a One Life 2011 Category Award Winner.

Most importantly, he's allergic to cats, carrots, and will forever love the 90s.


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